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Performing an end of week review of your progress in fitness, strength training, and fat loss can be highly beneficial for several reasons:

**Assessment**: It allows you to assess how well you have adhered to your fitness goals and if any adjustments are needed.

**Motivation**: Reviewing your progress can serve as motivation by highlighting the improvements you have made, no matter how small.

**Identifying Patterns**: It helps in identifying patterns in your training and eating habits that may be hindering your progress.

**Goal Setting**: By reviewing your weekly progress, you can set new goals for the upcoming week to keep yourself challenged.

**Tracking Progress**: It enables you to track your progress over time and see the overall improvements you have made in your fitness journey.

👉🏻In conclusion, taking the time to review your progress at the end of each week can be a powerful tool in achieving your fitness, strength training, and fat loss goals. It provides you with valuable insights, keeps you motivated, and allows you to make informed decisions to optimise your training and nutrition strategies.


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